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Bruce Willis Unveils Die Hard Mural At Fox Lot

Bruce Willis Reveal - After

“Yippee-ki-yay, mother…”

Bruce Willis was honored with a giant John McClane mural January 31st as he strolled onto stage and pushed a Die Hard-style detonator that prompted the great reveal. Accompanied by the Fox fanfare and some fancy fireworks, Willis’ mural made its historic debut in front of stage 8 and earned a spot amongst some of Fox Studios’ most famous productions. Bruce Willis is forever immortalized in paint, and lots of it. Crafted by artist Van Hecht-Nelson and painter Fernando Cepeda, the huge mural will remain permanent, adorning the outer walls of the lot.

A3 Entertainment was there to create a press release video for our friends at ELS Lights. Have a look at some of our footage below.

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