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Behind The Kia Shoot – Feat. Staud Studios


Brand: Kia Motors
Agency: David&Goliath
Photo Production: Staud Studios
USA Production: MJ68 – Michael Horta
Video Run Time: 03:15

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The BTS Video

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When we heard of Staud Studios coming to Los Angeles for a Kia photo shoot, we knew we had to meet up for an exclusive video/interview. The German team shot for 6 days straight throughout Downtown, L.A.. Mind Mill Creative was there to capture the amazing Behind The Scenes story. Enjoy the beautiful, moving and sweeping shots! For the full blog story, jump here.

Before you go, please have a look at our pictorial magazine below, it showcases the best BTS stills from the shoot. Share a copy too, the mag is social media ready!


– Alex A. Acosta - Behind The Scenes: #1 - Kia Photo Shoot