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Mercedes-Benz: Live Webstream


Brand: Mercedes-Benz International
Creative Agnecy: Scholz & Volkmer

Services Provided

  • Live WebStream
  • Production
  • Social Media Content
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Photography
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The Project

Creative Agency, Scholz & Volkmer contacted A3 Entertainment for an interesting and technological, cutting-edge new media production. Fans of Ksenia Lauren, star of the Mercedes-Benz interactive web film, couldn’t get enough of her and wanted more! Implementing a new and customized software app designed by the folks at S-V, Ksenia could not only chat LIVE with her fans via web stream, but she could also personalize and autograph a digital photo through her iPad. With a few clicks, fans would receive their favorite choice of 3 digital photos and, like magic, said photo would be delivered to their FaceBook account.

What client said:

Everything went well because of your great organization! Thanks a lot for your hard work and flawless preparation.It was a pleasure to work with you and you can quote me in any new biz etc. Surely we will recommend you and think of you for further jobs.
All the best!– Christian Dual (GESCHÄFTSFÜHRUNG)