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We don’t take ourselves seriously, just our work!


Nic Quiles, III, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner

Mr. Nic Quiles currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Mind Mill Creative (formerly A3 Entertainment LLC), Chief Inspiration Officer of Advertising Wireless LLC, Managing Director of LifeSpring Brands INC, and Managing Principal as a Mediator and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professional in private practice.
Viewed by many corporations and business professionals as an authority in Conflict Resolution, and respected internationally for his business, management, and strategic development expertise, Mr. Quiles has established a reputation for being able to achieve and deliver results consistently and with competency. Within the organic, all-natural ingredient and supplement Health and Wellness industry, Mr. Quiles has established himself as an expert in product development, formulation, and nutraceutical advancements with ties in over 45 national and global distribution channels. Within the Technology and Information Services industry, Mr. Quiles is participating in a new, innovative way of creating an interactive experience between businesses and their consumers delivered through a proprietary, open-source mobile platform that takes advertising and e-commerce to new heights.
Grissly Papi

Alter Ego: Grissly Papi

The Grissly Papi wanders the mountainous regions of the world seeking peace and enlightenment with mother nature, whom he calls “Mamá Naturaleza”. Occasionally, Grissly Papi will be captured by corporate game-hunters where he is promptly displayed in local Mind Mill Creative offices.

Alex Anthony Acosta, Vice President - Creative & Branding Strategies

Under Contract for Skreem Records (2001-2006), Alex Acosta consulted in the recording, writing, and performing of multiple music singles, albums and music video releases which helped establish the singing group, 3rd Wish, in European markets such as: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, and the UK.
3rd Wish ultimately provided Skreem Records the necessary solid foundation to qualify for Public sales in the OTC BB Stock market and achieved multiple, international Top-10 Chart positions and Gold Record Status. Taking his knowledge of entertaining, entertainment business, public relations, and behind-the-scene productions, Alex founded A-Cubed Entertainment in 2005. In 2010, A-Cubed Ent. would later become A3 Entertainment. Watch Screaming Fans and Music Videos. 

Alter Ego: El Jefe 0007

A man walks this earth full of machismo, self-confiansa and incredible creative paprika! His name is El Jefe, and jes this is what awesome looks-a-like! Beware: When backed into a corner of conflict, El Jefe will strike like a Cobra!!!

Tamee Harrison, Talent

Not only is Tamee originally from Perth, Western Australia, but Tamee also grew up in Austria and the UK. She has over 10 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry as a Recording Artist, TV Host, Actress, Fashion Designer and Voice-Over Talent.
Even with many Music Awards, Top-10 Music Chart Achievements ,TV shows and Fashion Lines under her glittery belt, Tamee is also incredibly talented behind the camera. Mind Mill Creative is proud to have this most creative and talented part of their team. It doesnʼt hurt that sheʼs nice to look at too… Tamee’s Home Page.

Alter Ego: Ruby Halliday

Ruby Halladay isnʼt your ordinary country gal. By day she may be riding horses or helping baby calves take their first steps, but by night Ruby is off to the local saloon where she challenges grown men to some ol’ fashion arm wraslin’

Michael Silva, Director & Creative Writer

Mike Silva, born in South Florida, is a former Marine and attained a degree in film production technology at Miami Dade college. Working out of Los Angeles as a writer and director on “Saturday Morning Cartoons”, Mike has a portfolio that includes several music videos, feature films, and commercials.

Alter Ego: Det. Mike Cannoli

 Det.Mike Cannoli is a no-nonsense cop with a heart of gold. He spends his nights fighting crime, apprehending perps, and sleeping. His days are spent stealing broad’s hearts…and sleeping. Oh, and he loves cats.